Invitation to authors

Since 2007, the book "Contemporary Legal and Economic Issues" has been
gathering scientific papers done by international authors from various
institutions of higher education in Europe and beyond (e.g. Mexico, Ghana,
Poland, Sweden, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, etc.). The authors have been
M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and professors who -individually or as a joint
effort - contributed articles dealing with contemporary legal or economic
issues. The book has been edited by two professors in cooperation with the
international editorial board.

The guiding idea of the book was to promote scientific writing as the
primary tool of academics and scholars to disseminate thoughts, ideas,
research results and boldly present them to the professional and lay
public for discussion, praises and critiques; to promote cooperation
between students and professors, i.e. mentorship, which is rewarding for
both students and their professors by uniting them in a joint effort to
produce a work where each invests effort, knowledge and enthusiasm to the
best of their potential and benefits from the synergy effect; to promote
international cooperation between individuals and institutions taking part
in this "project" pointing out that the distances in geography no longer
represent an obstacle in establishing and developing the international
cooperation and making the world of science truly global; to prove through
topics covered that nearly all issues, in this case related to the law and
economics, have left the strict realm of purely domestic jurisdiction.
Since the book has been warmly welcomed by the academic community in
Croatia and abroad, we have decided to continue with its publication.

Paper submission

At this time, there is no open call for papers. The publication of the next book is scheduled for 2017.